Preparing for the future by Looking at the Past

Digital History

Digital Detoxification is a trend hitting most communities that have had digital access for several decades and speaks to the hidden and unspoken effects of the digital age.

the antidote

 where we’ve been to get where you’re going

Digital Detox Canada aims to support learning about:

  • Assessment- Self-assessment about your habits, impacts of those habits and experiments with altering those habits; assessment of the content of your experiences
  • Monitoring- How can we track our impact?
  • Mitigate- How can we make choices to mitigate potential negative impacts while nurturing positive ones?


Helping LEarners understand the why

Just opening a conversation on putting down the cellphones evokes painful expressions and sighs of discontent:

  • Tracking Where We Came From- We offer detailed information on the history, evolutions and fields of impact of our current digital infrastructure.
  • Talking About What- What is your online experience? What content are you looking at? How does your participation impact you? For example, how do you feel when you get a like or have to respond to a text message?
  • Find out about the Latest Trends- From career planning to democratic citizenship and digital rights to ethical responsibilities our workshops delve into future projections and community visioning.