There has never been an easier time to write. If you can talk, you can write.

There has never been an easier time to publish, there is virtually no cost to it, and anyone can do it.

Some of the techniques, or tactics towards a consciousness of the value of digital detox, and instilling it into our lifestyle practices, may seem counterintuitive. For example, you may attend a an online workshop on how to do your DD.

Similarly, as we move from passive consumers to active co-creators, we are encouraging people to go from mindless, viewing, scrolling, and game playing to publishing, podcasting and participating.

This simple art of turning around the flow of energy serves to spark a new awareness and appreciation/reflection that is needed to establish personal boundaries and healthy practises.

In fact, this is a marketing bonus for educators to latch onto the passion students show for their devices, and empower them to participate in safe ways with the creation of their own examples of communication. We absolutely need to do this, and not be shy. The fact is students are doing it anyway, but at the moment they may lack guidance, limits, or knowledge of limits, or mode of reflection.

Digital Detox Canada is here to provide the support in terms of training & workshops with students, parents and teachers as well as support materials and online publishing in real time to the channels where we find eyes and ears. We seek to instil informational and inspirational content, leadership, and support on this journey of discovery.